Dr. Attar is a type 1 diabetic himself and has been thriving for over a decade. He has achieved hemoglobin A1c levels around 4.8% for years, and gets the same results with his patients. He believes all diabetics are entitled to normal, non-diabetic blood sugars and A1c. This equates to A1c at or below 5.0%, and average blood sugars around 83mg/dL. Blood sugars do not need to spike, even immediately after meals. Dr. Attar follows Dr. Richard Bernstein's method for achieving this. While studying for his medical degree Dr. Attar spent 3 days shadowing Dr. Bernstein. Read more about that here.

A1c results from Dr. Attar, with chart comparing A1c to average glucose

Dr. Attar incorporates the latest diabetes technology in his treatment of diabetes such as continuous glucose monitoring.  These are very small devices that are warn which transmit blood glucose to a phone or other device 24/7.  Dexcom CGM is a very popular device like this. Dr. Attar is an expert at reviewing CGM reports, he can help you get set up with them. These are an incredibly useful tools in managing blood sugars, especially reviewing Dexcom Clarity reports. Dr. Attar's patients achieve flat lined, normal, non-diabetic blood sugars in the 80s, just like him.

Continuous Glucose Graph from Dr. Attar

Dr. Attar works with all individuals with diabetes including T1, T2, prediabetes, LADA, and children with diabetes. He is an expert in low-carb, keto, and paleo diets. Many individuals with autoimmune T1 diabetes have other autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto's thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, or others. Dr. Attar treats all of these conditions together with diabetes.

Ready to get your blood sugars normalize, lose weight and get into the healthiest you've been in your life? Contact Dr. Attar today to see what he can do for you.