Pricing & What To Expect

Dr. Attar believes strongly in working directly for his patients and not working for insurance companies. Because of this, he is not working “in-network” with any insurance.

Patients who have "out-of-network" coverage can get reimbursed by their insurance, patients who don't are very happy with the care they get for the prices offered. Check with your insurance company if this applies to you, and you will get a copy of your super bill after your appointment to file with your insurance.

Patients with Health Savings Accounts can use their HSAs to pay for appointments and treatments. 

For laboratory work, in general most insurances will completely cover most lab referrals. Check with your insurance company if this applies to you.

As a veteran himself, Dr. Attar thanks all service men and women, police, fire fighters, and EMT/Paramedics for their service and offers a discount for appointments.

Curious to see if Dr. Attar is right for you? Call 203-717-1339 to schedule a free 15 min phone consult.


First Office Visit

$250. Includes very detailed medical history intake, review of previous lab work, treatment plan, and referral for any additional labs needed.

For diabetic patients Dr. Attar will review diet, blood sugar logs and Dexcom Clarity reports before your visit

Second Office Visit

$175. Generally involves review of any new lab work, review of treatment plan and any updates to treatment will be given.

Check ups / Phone Follow ups

Additional follow ups are $125