Milford, CT

Dr. Attar has been a God Send, to me and my daughter. My 15 year old daughter came to Dr. Attar sufferings from Crohns, struggling to maintain her health. He was gentle and kind and took the time to discuss her complete health history, current symptoms and worked with her to find a complete health plan that would be workable for a 15 year old to follow. With changes to her diet, added vitamins and supplements we have managed to get her symptom free, her lab work has improved and medication has decreased all with in a few months. I look forward to complete success for Alaina and working with Dr. Attar. He truly is a God Send!


Fairfield, CT

Dr Attar was absolutely wonderful. He was able to listen to my needs, and not only treat them but also help me get to the root cause of my stomach issues. He was incredibly attentive and I did not feel rushed at all like I do with most typical doctor office visits. I could not recommend him more!


West Haven, CT

If you have any doubts that Dr. Ryan can't help you, I'm here to tell you he can. A month ago I was very sick with food allergies and food sensitivities, a month later I feel like a brand new man. You're a great man Ryan, thank you for all you do.


New York City

By the winter of 2017 within my lifetime I had been diagnosed with T1D, sleep apnea, psoriasis, rosacea, anxiety hypercalcuria, low Vitamin D and severe osteopenia. A friend recommended I see a Naturopathic Physician, Ryan Attar. I was very intrigued to hear this as not only was I FB friends with Ryan but he was the first person I ever witnessed to get an A1C in the 4’s. What I never knew was that Ryan had had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Bernstein for a few days. I contacted Ryan and made an appointment right away. Ryan’s office was a good 3 hours away from my home but after running in circles for years with ineffective MD’s, the traveling part was of no concern to me. I was shocked to see that my first appointment was over 90 minutes!!?? Normally I meet with an endo for half that or even less but Ryan had an entire team of 4 people asking me questions and getting vitals. They listened to my concerns, focused on these issues and not only did I go back a 2nd time but ended up doing a series of conference calls with them to move my regimen along. Ryan puts a big focus on normalizing blood sugars, diet and exercise. They outlined precise exercises I should be doing for my bone health and even showed me proper form in the office. It was with Ryan, that I for the first time ever and made aware of my leaky gut. Also of importance, Ryan showed me from my test results that foods I ate often were making me extremely sensitive to and causing inflammation. My vitamin D Hydroxy score jump from 30 in December to 78 in February!! Adjusting my diet around the 125+ food sensitivity test, inflammation markers and change in Vitamin D had my rosacea disappear and off psoriasis pharma drugs. Since meeting Ryan, I have not had to go back to a Dermatologist and will never go back. With hypercalcuria, my endo pushed blood pressure meds on me which Ryan strongly suggested increasing potassium. Then there is the anxiety, after years on meds, I am officially off them and have not needed to go back on them. For me its no brainer to meet with Dr Attar who carry out all the same principles and care of Dr Richard Bernstein at a fraction of the cost. He walks the walk and when it comes to his patients personal health be ready as he loves to talk and make sure we have all the information and understanding that we need! I have referred a few people to him in the meantime who have walked away smiling. Do note, Dr Attar never once asked me to endorse him but instead I am just so grateful that I needed a way to express my energy, appreciation and better health to him. Thank you Dr Attar, for improving my health and achieving Dr Bernsteins Diabetic Solutions. Cheers.


New Haven, CT

Ryan is amazing helped me with some of my allergy and weight issues. Best in the area


Derby, CT

I went to Dr. Attar for a second opinion when I was experiencing cardiovascular issues and felt that my primary care physician wasn't giving me the best medical advice for my situation. Dr. Attar helped me create a workout plan to eat healthier in addition to my medications and supplements and I have seen improvement over the past few months. I highly recommend Dr. Attar, he really listens and cares for his patients.


New York City

Dr. Attar is a fantastic practitioner who has an extensive knowledge of nutrition and is deeply passionate about helping those with autoimmune conditions. He was extremely thorough and meticulous in reviewing my medical history and spent a great deal of time discussing any questions or concerns I had. Furthermore, he was able to provide insight on conditions and treatments other doctors had missed. I highly recommend Dr. Attar to anyone seeking to improve his or her health!


Montgomery, NY

Thank you for always offering knowledgeable and helpful information for my son with type one diabetes. It has been life changing for us!


New York City

Dr. Attar is an inspiring and compassionate doctor who treats the whole person and not just a collection of symptoms. He is thorough and caring and has valuable insights and information to share. I'm glad I found him!


Middletown, CT

Dr. Attar is my go-to for all things diabetes. He is by far the most knowledgeable doctor I know on the subject. I highly recommend him if you or someone you know struggles with diabetes.


Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Attar is smart, kind and one who literally practices what he preaches. My son has Type 1 diabetes and we have learned so much about managing this disease from Dr. Attar. From the science to food and fitness advice, the man clearly knows his area of practice, and we are so grateful to know him.


Newtown, CT

I went to see Dr. Attar to get help with managing my Type 1 diabetes. Specifically, to get help with following Dr. Richard Bernstein’s approach to managing diabetes using a low carb diet. He is VERY knowledgeable with this approach and offered me tips and recommendations that have been really beneficial to me. He spent a lot of time with me and was very thorough.